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Dwyer L10 series - IPP

Dwyer L10 series

The Mini-Size Series L10 Flotect® Level Switches combine low cost with top quality materials and construction for great value and years of reliable liquid level control. Wide media compatibility is assured with a choice of brass or stainless steel bodies and external tees; polypropylene or stainless steel floats. Two basic configurations are offered; with 1″ NPT male threads for direct side mounting through a half coupling or with factory installed tee for external mounting.

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Dwyer L8 series - IPP

Dwyer L8 series

Series L8 Flotect® Liquid Level Switch features a leak proof body and float constructed from tough, durable polyphenylene sulfide which has excellent chemical resistance. Because the liquid level snap switch is magnetically actuated, there is no direct mechanical linkage to leak or fail, assuring longer life and decreased maintenance costs. This inexpensive unit is ideal for liquid level alarm, indication or control. Installation is quick and easy – simply install in a horizontal position with the index arrow pointing down.

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Dwyer L6 series - IPP

Dwyer L6 series

Surprisingly compact, the Series L6 Flotect® Level Switch is designed and built for years of trouble-free service in a wide variety of process liquid level applications. Operation is simple and dependable with no mechanical linkage as the level switch is magnetically actuated. The float lever pivoted within the body moves when the process liquid displaces the float. A magnet on the opposite end of the float lever controls a second magnet on the switch actuating lever located in the switch housing.

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Dwyer F6-F7 vertical - IPP

Dwyer F6-F7 vertical

Series F6 & F7 compact level switches combine low cost and reliability with fast, simple installation. Hermetically sealed reed switches are actuated by magnets permanently bonded inside the float and can be easily adapted to open or close a circuit on rising or falling levels. Vertical mount models are shipped with normally open switch contacts which close as the float rises toward the mounting threads. Reverse switch action by removing the float, rotating it end-for-end and replacing it on the stem. Vertical models mount internally, oriented within 30° of vertical, or select optional fittings for external mounting. Switch ratings are suitable for many solid state control systems and monitors or alarms. Simple relay interfaces can be used for higher current applications.

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Dwyer F6-F7 horizontal - IPP

Dwyer F6-F7 horizontal

Series F6 & F7 Horizontal Mount Level Switches are designed to mount through the walls of tanks and other vessels. Internally mounted models F6-HPS-11, F6-MHS and F7-SS5 are secured to the wall of the tank or vessel from the inside while model F6-HPS-21 is mounted from the outside (externally). Model F7-HSS can be installed internally or externally.

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Bamo SSX - IPP

Bamo SSX

– Pour liquides agressifs
– Zones dangereuses 0, 1, 2 (gaz)
– Certifié ATEX
II I G EEx ia IIC T6 IP6X T°70°C

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Bamo SNR4 - IPP

Bamo SNR4

-Exécution PVC ou INOX
-Sortie : SNR4-C 1 contact
-Pour tout fluide
-Indépendant de la :

  • Densité
  • Conductivité
  • Viscosité

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Bamo Nivostop-SS2-HYP

– Compatibility with basic, leak acid solutions and other aggressive chemicals
– Restrictions: due to the cable made of HYPALON and additives
– Adjustable ballast
– Maximal pressure 5.5 bar
– Maximal temperature 95°C

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Bamo Nivostop-SG2 - IPP

Bamo Nivostop-SG2

– Built in ballast
– Potential-free micro-switch
– High switching rating
– Quick and easy to install
– PVC or TPK cables, length 5 m, 10 m …

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Bamo Nivostop-RNF-110 - IPP

Bamo Nivostop-RNF-110

-Différentiel important : 110°
-Régulation entre deux points
-Contact inverseur à microswitch
-Fort pouvoir de coupure
-Facile à monter
-Longueurs 5, 10 et 20 mètres
-Câble Néopréne

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Bamo Nivostop-ACS - IPP

Bamo Nivostop-ACS

– Gamme pour l’eau potable
– Pour applications alimentaires
– Lest intégré
– Longueur du câble : 5, 10 ou 20 m
– Certification ACS

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Bamo Nivopoint - IPP

Bamo Nivopoint

– Contacteur multipoints pour réservoirs
– Pour liquides
– Longueurs des sondes : 0,25 à 3 mètres
– Commutation : 250 V ca, 3 A
– Température : – 40 °C à 150 °C
– Pression maxi : 25 bar
– Protection : IP 65
– Agréments : ATEX ll 2G EEx d llC T3-T6

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Bamo MNR 7-Ex - IPP

Bamo MNR 7-Ex

– Construction: stainless steel 1.4571 (316 Ti – AISI)
– Up to 4 bi-stable change over contacts
– ATEX II 1/2 G – EEx ib IIC T4

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Bamo MNR 7-316L - IPP

Bamo MNR 7-316L

– Construction: stainless steel 316
– Up to 4 bi-stable change over contacts
– High switch power capacity
– Independent from density.
– Foam or vapors do not interfere
– Option for a continuous measurement, see our specific documentation 586 about RTM/MNR7

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Bamo MNR 7 - IPP

Bamo MNR 7

Switches are mounted in the guide tube; they are actuated by the magnet built in the float, to allow 1 to 4 level detections within the application. 

The housing is IP65 and the cable pass through a cable gland Pg PG9. Wiring is done on a screw terminal.
On the low end of guide tube, a blocking ring allows to take off the float before to fit the tube through a small diameter.
All wetted parts are in PVC, PP or PVDF in relation with the model. 

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Bamo MNR 6 - IPP

Bamo MNR 6

Switches are mounted in the guiding stem; they are actuated by the magnet, built in the float, to allow 1 or2 level detections to correspond with your application.

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