Bamo Nivostop-SG2


For use as a level switch to control any low and high level in wastewater pumping systems, industrial water tanks, rain water collection systems etc.



The switch operates when the pear-shaped diver SG2 rotates from bottom to top with the rising level of fluid; it switches on the same way with a downward moving fluid.

Built-in ballast allows the SG2, to rotate around a virtual axis without floating over the fluid surface.

To adjust the height of the switching point, it is sufficient to adjust the suspended cable length.

As well, as the diver does not float, it is a safe way to avoid blocking the pear-shaped diver or the cable.



  • For fluids with specific weight: ≥ 1 kg/L
  • Switch: Potential-free micro-switch, changeover contact
  • Switching limits: 4 … 250 V AC / 4 … 30 V DC

Caution: At voltages of greater than 50 V, the container and the liquid must be grounded, or the level controller must be operated with safety low-voltage.

Important: The level controller SG2 is designed for applications with 1 mA to 3 A at 4 to 250 V. However, the switch may only be used within a single type of switching circuit for the entire duration of its service life!

  • Switching power: Maximal 3 A
  • Temperature limits: +1°C … +60°C
  • Immersion depth: Maximal 5 m
  • Diver and PG: PE-HD (polyethylene)
  • Mass: 0.750 kg (without cable)
  • Cable:
  • 3 x 0.75 mm2, PVC – standard 3 x 0.75 mm2, TPK