Bamo MNR 7-316L


. Automation ON/OFF of pumps and solenoid valves,

. Low and high alarm indication,

. Automatic tank filling up or draining, etc.

MNR7 level controllers are suitable to non viscous, non sticky liquids without magnetic and solids particles. The liquids may not crystallize.



Switches are mounted in the guide tube; they are actuated by the magnet built in the float, to allow 1 to 4 level detections within the application.



The housing is IP65 and the cable pass through a cable gland PG11. Wiring is done on a screw terminal.

On the lower end of guide tube, a blocking ring allows to take off the float before to fit the tube through a small diameter hole.



Following is a cross table to built up your instrument. Please, verify the material compatibility with your chemical fluid and the limits of pressure and temperature with your process maxima.

Our technicians may help you in MNR7 definition. Always mention the fluid in contact, concentration, process temperature and pressure.

Note the exact distance of contact(s) measured as of the sealing surface. Consider the minimum distance between two contacts (100 mm) and dead zone we indicate on the drawings.


Caution: the switching power of the Reed contact is 60 VA; you may protect it with a power relay (such as ES2001, documentation N° 250)