Bamo MNR 7

Features & Benefits

  •  Available in PVC – PPH – PVDF
  • Up to 4 bi-stable change over contacts
  • High switch power capacity
  • Independent from density.
  • Foam or vapors do not interfere
  • Option for a continuous measurement
  • Specific documentation: 586 = RTM/MNR7


  • Automation ON/OFF of pumps and solenoid valves,
  • Low and high alarm indication,
  • Automatic tank filling up or draining, etc.

MNR7 series are suitable to non viscous, non sticky, liquids without magnetic and solids particles. The liquids may not crystallize.



  • Following is a cross table to built up your instrument. Please, verify the material compatibility with your chemical fluid and the limits of pressure and temperature with your process maxima.
  • Our technicians may help you in MNR7 definition. Always mention the fluid in contact, concentration, process temperature and pressure.
  • Note the exact distance of contact(s) measured as of the sealing surface. Consider the minimum distance between two contacts (100 mm) and dead zone we indicate on the drawings.
  • Caution: the switching power of Reed contacts is 60 VA; you may protect them with a power relay (such as ES2001, documentation N° 250)