Bamo Nivostop-SS2-HYP


These float level controllers are similar to any NIVOSTOP® SS2 type KW. The same kind of micro switch is built-in; the principle is the same: a fixed point allows the contact to switch.


The real difference with the standard NIVOSTOP® is the material in use: all the wetted parts are in HYPALON. However, in comparison with the float, please consider a weak resistance of the cable due to the additives (necessary for the flexibility).



  • Maximal pressure: 5.5 bar
  • Protection: IP 68
  • Cable: HYPALON, 3 x 1 mm2
  • For fluid specific weight: 0.80 … 1.10 kg/L
  • Fluid maximal Temperature: 95°C
  • Float: PP with HYPALON coating
  • Switching limits: 16 (6) A (16 A resistive or 6 A inductive charge)
  • Switching power: 12, 24, 48 V AC / V DC
  • Switch: Micro-switch, changeover contact
  • Ballast: 250 g, in composite (check the chemical compatibility)
  • Float weight: 300 g, without the cable
  • Cable weight: 95 g / m
  • Cable length: 5 or 10 m (other on request)
  • cable diameter: Ø 7,3 mm



On request, we supply the float(s) fixed on a rigid stem with a housing including screw connectors for the wiring.

The mounting on site may be easier with an optional flange.