Bamo MNR 6

Features & Benefits

  • Available in PVC-PPH, PPH, PVDF and stainless steel 316 L
  • 1 or 2 bi-stable change over contacts
  • Small dimensions
  • Lightly affected by specific weight variations
  • 4-20 mA continuous transmitter (option RTM MNR6)


Pumps and solenoid valves ON/OFF automation, low and high alarm signal, automatic tank filling up or draining, in all industries.
MNR6 series are suitable only for non viscous and non sticky liquids, without magnetic a nd/or solid particles. The liquids may not crystallize.



All wetted parts are in PVC with PA (float), PPH, PVDF or stainless steel 316L (see the cross table).
Mounting on the tank is through a threaded connector or with a flange; a different type without connection (straight stem) is available with a cable output.
In all models the float is easily removed by unscrewing the lower blocking ring.


Max pressure (at 20°C):
3 bar for composite material
20 bar for stainless steel
Temperature limits :
PVC: +5 to +50°C
PPH: -5 to +105°C
PVDF: -10 to +110°C
316L: -20 to +110°C
Contact (1 or 2): Change over contacts, bi-stable by using a stopper
Switching capacity: 60 VA
Minimal distances:
100 mm between 2 contacts
Upper dead zone = 60 mm
Lower dead zone = 50 mm
Precision: ± 2 mm
Hysteresis: 8 mm



Wiring is through the screw terminal in the head housing.
For remote cable connection, the cable output model allows the use of 1 bi -stable change over contact or 2 bi-stable contacts NO or NC or NO and NC.
The DIN connector model is only available with 1 contact.