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Bamo TVI-Minitev - IPP

Bamo TVI-Minitev

-Pour tous liquides conducteurs
-De 1 à 4 electrodes
-Réalisation métal – PTFE
-Pour pression jusqu’à 200 bars
-Pour température jusqu’à 220 °C
-Raccord de fixation Gaz ou NPT
-Boîte à bornes aluminium

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Bamo TVI - IPP

Bamo TVI

– For all conducting liquids.
– 1 up to 4 electrodes.
– Realization: Metal – PTFE.
– 200 bar maximum pressure.
– 220°C maximum temperature
– Connection process: threading Gas or NPT
– Connection housing: Cast aluminium

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Bamo STS - IPP

Bamo STS

– For aggressive and electrically conductive liquids
– Construction: PVC or PVDF
– Manufacture on request upon drawings
– Fixed alarm distances
– 4 contacts as a maximum

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Bamo STE, Level control with resistive probes - IPP

Bamo STE, Level control with resistive probes

The difference of electrical resistance when electrodes are immerged in the conductive fluid switches a contact relay ES 2001 (please refer to documentation 530-01).


Each probe is made of 3 main parts:

  • The housing: in PPh with cable gland 9 mm. Protection IP 65.
  • Process connection: assures also electrical insulation between the rods, and with the tank. Material: PPh or stainless steel 316 Ti.
  • Rods: 1 to 5 according to the model. Material: stainless steel 316 L or titanium (on request). Standard lengths are 500 to 2 000 mm and should be adjusted on site.

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