Bamo STE, Level control with resistive probes

Features & Benefits

  • For all conductive liquids
  • From 1 to 5 electrodes
  • All motionless parts
  • Adjustable lengths on site
  • Maximum pressure 15 bar
  • Maximum temperature 110°C
  • Process connections in PPh or stainless steel 316
  • Rods are in stainless steel or titanium


Control or regulation of level fluid in open or closed tanks, flumes, etc.
Detection of fluid or lack of fluid in pipes, fluid leakage, pumps protection…



A vertical mounting above the tank is the best; if it is not possible, the limit angle is 45°C, downward. Caution: it is necessary to avoid any short circuit due to the liquid standing between two rods.
Verify concordance of pressure, temperature and chemical resistance of the probe with the process conditions. Caution: it is necessary to avoid damages due to vapours and condensation. Our technicians may help you to choose a model.
If possible, do not fit a plastic connection probe on metal: it could destroy the thread probe; blocking nuts are available.
If there are fluid turbulences, take care of accidental rods touching originating false signals; sheathed rods are available, or a tranquilization area could be a solution.
If the fluid creates deposit or vapours exist: it is necessary to avoid any electrical short circuit between rods with sheathed rods.
To determine number of necessary rods: 1 for each level + 1 reference rod if the tank is not of an electrical conductive material.