Bamo TVI


Electrical resistance variation, caused by a fluid presence between two electrodes, is converted by level relay as ON/OFFsignal. (see level relay Redox or ES 2001 – doc. 530). Electrodes length is calibrated according to controled level value



Level control or regulation, on open tanks or closed tanks.. Presence of fluid or no fluid localisation (leak detection, empty piping, empy pumps protection).



Each probe has three parts:

– Cast aluminium head (IP 55 Protect) with connection housing and cable gland output (Ø 9).

– S.St.316 L connection process with PTFE insulator.

– 1 up to 4 electrode in S.St.316L according to type and necessary length.

Electrical connection by thimble.

Ground connection screw for any probes with IP55 connection housing.



1 electrode by level point +1 reference electrode (if tank is not used as reference). To mount the probes in vertical position, on the top tank. If no possibility vertical mounting, to choice lateral position, with 45°angle in bottom tank direction. (always think about conducting bridgesto simulate fluid presence) Check limits, temperature, pressure and chemical resistances of fluid in contact with material. Be attentive with vapours, we recommend to coat connections after mounting or to use an holed cover for evacuation. For no statics fluid, the probes should be insulated with PVC – polyolefine – or PTFE sheath or by tranquillization tube (a spacers

kit is available per option). For clogging liquids or having a vapour phase, to remove or restrict the possibility of conducting bridge between two electrodes.