Bamo STS


The longest electrode is used as the reference; therefore, a STS probe with five electrodes allows a four level detection.

For each level detection point, the electrical contact is done when the referring electrode and the reference are on contact with the fluid at the same time.

The relay ES2001 (see the data sheet 530) convert this detection trough a 500 VA relay.



Designed for control and regulation of fluid levels in open tank by electrodes, for instance acid storage tanks, barrage, waste water treatment plant and detection of fluid in a pipe, leakage etc.

Construction materials are convenient for highly aggressive fluids such as hydrofluoric acid.



With Hastelloy G30 electrode terminals and PVC or PVDF stems, the STS probe is useful for most acids.

Others terminal materials, SS316 or Tantalum and other material stems such as PTFE or PPH are available on request.