3521I-521IRN (DN15-50)

Process safety valves / thermal expansion safety valves

This serie is available in very different standard connections. But also, we are able to take in count some needs with some other options like internal parts in specific material.


General characteristics:

  • Body: Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Brass
  • ND08 (1/4″) au ND50 (2″)
  • Connections: Screwed/Threaded BSP or NPT, Flange, SMS, CLAMP, SCAMI
  • Plug:
    • Metal/Metal Stainless Steel
    • Metal/Metal Stainless Steel with disc stellited (nozzle)
    • Metal/Metal Stainless Alloy® C276 or Hastelloy® C22 or Titan TA6V
    • Metal/Metal Aluminium
  • Soft seat:
    • EPDM, PTFE, FPM, FFKM, Nitrile/Silicone
  • Set pressure:
    • Carbon steel from 0,2bar to 250bars
    • Stainless Steel from 0,2bar to 300bars
    • Brass from 0,2bar to 25bars
  • Options: Epoxy lined; Polishing to clean application