ZVA Multi Filter Housing

  • Sanitary range air / gas housing
  • Specifically designed for the Pharmaceutical industry
  • Laboratory and pilot scale to large industrial applications
  • Flow efficient design with low pressure drop
  • Steam jacketed and electrically heated options

HSL Pharma Filter Housing Liquid

  • Single element sanitary liquid housing
  • Designed specifically for the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries
  • Sanitary tri-clamp body closure as standard
  • STANDARD product
    • Sanitary surface finish
    • Tri-clamp connections
  • PLUS product
    • Available in 3 different vessel classes: Standard (CE), Atex and High Pressure
    • Sanitary or sanitary electropolished surface finish options
    • Wide range of vent and drain connections
    • Choice of gasket and seal materials

HSA Pharma Filter Housing Air-Gas

  • Flow efficient sanitary range of air / gas housings
  • Designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Sanitary tri-clamp body closure
  • STANDARD product
    • Sanitary connections and surface finish
  • PLUS product
    • Available in 4 different vessel classes:Standard (CE), Atex, High Pressure and Oxygen Service
    • Sanitary and sanitary electropolished
      surface finishes availableChoice of gasket and seal materials

Disposable filters

Parker Hannifin Corporation manufactures Balston brand disposable filter units (DFU) which incorporate an extensive media capability with a small, inexpensive, disposable housing. This unique design was introduced to the filtration industry over 20 years ago.

Filter Elements Overview

Filter housings used with these media: 9922-05; 9933-05; 9922-11; 9933-11; 8833-11; 90; 7700-12; 58P; 53/18; 53/50; 54/50; A98/11; A39/12; 105S6; 91S6; 95M; 95S6; 95A; 95T; 97S6; 30/12; 30/25; 91S6; 31G; 41G; 31S6; 41S6; 33G; 33S6; 45G; 45S6; EU27/35; EU27/35-3000; EU27/80; EU27/80-3000; 15/80S6; EU85; EU37/12; EU37/25; 58N; 38/12; 38/25; A23/75SR; A23/75R; SP3/75SR; SP4-23/75SR; SP6-23/75SR; 6000 series; A34; A33B; A45; A27/35B; A27/80B.

Stainless Steel Inline Filter Housings

The type 97S6 is a miniature 316 stainless steel filter with 1/4″ NPT in-line ports and 345 barg rating. Since the filter does not have a drain port, the type 97S6 is used as an end-of-the-line compressed gas filter when little or no liquid is expected, for example as a cylinder gas filter.

Designed specifically for quantitative measurement of solids in gases to 538°C, the filter cartridge and element retainer disk in the type 30 housings may be weighed as a single unit.

Miniature T-Type Filter Housings

These miniature T-type filters are constructed of 316 stainless steel, Teflon® and Monel. With only 19ml internal volume and the opportunity for by-pass or slipstream filtration using the drain port as an exit port, the type 95 filters are ideal sample filters for on-line analysers. The type 105S6 has a smaller internal volume of 15ml.

Low Internal Volume Filter Housings

These types offer compact designs and half the dead volume of other sample filters, resulting in faster sampling times. They are constructed of stainless steel and available with a variety of seals for easy adaptation to demanding applications.

If larger amounts of condensate are expected, specify 33 or 45 series.

Liquid Filters – Stainless Steel Housings

The T-model filter housings are also constructed of 316 stainless steel, and have a 276 bar rating. These models are used as sample filters for on-line sample analysers when a larger line size, higher flow rate or larger bowl reservoir capacity is required.

Model 27 housings are constructed of 316 stainless steel. These models have 1” NPT ports and are rated to 55 bar. The model 27 housings hold a single LP-200 filter cartridge, available in 10” or 20” length.

High Pressure Filter Housings

The type 85 filter housing is constructed of 316 stainless steel and has a pressure rating of 345 barg. This type can accommodate X-type filter cartridges and is used when a larger quantity of liquid is expected.

The T-type filter housings are also constructed of 316 stainless steel and have a 276 barg rating. These types are used as sample filters for on-line sample analysers when a larger line size, higher flow rate or larger bowl reservoir capacity is required.