Filter Elements Overview

Filter housings used with these media
9922-05; 9933-05; 9922-11; 9933-11; 8833-11; 90; 7700-12; 58P; 53/18; 53/50; 54/50; A98/11; A39/12; 105S6; 91S6; 95M; 95S6; 95A; 95T; 97S6; 30/12; 30/25; 91S6; 31G; 41G; 31S6; 41S6; 33G; 33S6; 45G; 45S6; EU27/35; EU27/35-3000; EU27/80; EU27/80-3000; 15/80S6; EU85; EU37/12; EU37/25; 58N; 38/12; 38/25; A23/75SR; A23/75R; SP3/75SR; SP4-23/75SR;
SP6-23/75SR; 6000 series; A34; A33B; A45; A27/35B; A27/80B.
Media types
X-Type Elements: This new innovation in filter media from Parker reduces the cost of filtration by significantly lowering the pressure drop across the media. Used for solids and relatively large amounts of suspended liquids in gases. Excellent chemical resistance, temperature resistance to 150°C and good mechanical handling properties. These cartridges have thick walls for improved coalescing efficiency. Fluorocarbon resin binder.
Q-Type Elements: Used for solids and small amounts of liquids in gases. Similar to X-Type Cartridges in chemical and temperature resistance. Fluorocarbon resin binder.
H-Type Elements: Recommended for oxygen service temperatures above 290°C or when X-Type or Q-Type are unsuitable. H-Type cartridges have temperature resistance to 480°C in dry gas, 38°C in liquid. Quartz construction.
S-Type Elements: For temperatures above 150°C and below 290°C. Similar in performance to the Q-Type. PTFE binder.
R-Type and SR-Type Elements: For steam filtration, the R-Type is suitable for hospital sterilisers and the SR-Type is used in food industry applications and other applications that require a higher pressure.
GS Membrane Elements: Final filter for low flow in critical applications where 0.01µm filtration is required.
000-Type: Activated carbon adsorber for most C4 and heavier hydrocarbons, ketones, alcohols, ethers, organic acids, chlorinated freons, aromatic hydrocarbons and carbon disulphide.
101-Type: Silica gel adsorber for water vapour
102-Type: 4A molecular sieve adsorber for carbon dioxide, ammonia, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, acetylene, propylene, methane, ethane, water vapour, ethylene, ethylene oxide and carbon disulphide.
103-Type: 13X molecular sieve adsorber for all materials adsorbed by – 102 plus: methanol, straight chain mercaptans, freon 11, freon 12, freon 114, sulphur hexafluoride, cyclohexane, diphenyl, butene-1, isopentane, benzene, toluene, xylene, boron trifluoride, triethylamine and smaller amines, straight chain hydrocarbons to C22, alkenes to C4 and acetylene.
105-Type: Calgon HGR adsorber for mercury vapour.
107-Type: Mixed sodium and calcium hydroxides adsorber for all acidic gases, including sulphur dioxide, sulphur trioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur hydrogen chloride, hydrogen chloride.