New in our salesprogram: Headline Filters

IPP is since 2021 distributor of Headline Filters in the BeLux region. Headline Filters is the largest European manufacturer of bonded microfiber filter elements and associated filter housings. This direct access results in short delivery times and lower prices

IPP Build complete systems

Pressure distribution & control for Argon at 2000 bar: Used components: Parker Autoclave, Tescom O2-Analysis project in Kuweit (3pcs) Used components: Tescom, Astava, Parker, Teledyne, Krone, Aramaturenbau, Wika High Purity Change-Over panel for clean Gases Used Components: Tesom

Partnership with Soclema

IPP will, as from the 1st of January 2016 in Partnership with Soclema, promote & distribute following Brands & products for the Be-Lux Region. Genie filters (A+ Corporation) Therm-Omega-Tech MERLIN (PAS) CryoSamP (LNG probe) KAM Controls Sweep System (Sampler for Liquids)

Partnership with O’Brien

IPP will, as from the 1st of January 2016 in Partnership with O’Brien Belgium, promote & distribute following products: Tubing Bundles: TRACEPAK®& STACKPAK® heat traced tubing bundles; S-LINE® insulated & J-LINE® jacketed tubing. Electric Traced Bundles Steam Traced Bundles Tubing Bundle for Sample Transport Insulated Tubing Bundles Coated Tubing Enclosures: VIPAK®, HEATPAK®& FLEXPAK® winterizing enclosures for process instruments – Enclosure Heaters Instrument… Read more →