Liquid Filters – Stainless Steel Housings

Models EU37/12 and EU37/25
These T-model filter housings are also constructed of 316 stainless steel, and have a 276 bar rating. These models are used as sample filters for on-line sample analysers when a larger line size, higher flow rate or larger bowl reservoir capacity is required.
Model 27 Housings
Model 27 housings are constructed of 316 stainless steel. These models have 1” NPT ports and are rated to 55 bar. The model 27 housings hold a single LP-200 filter cartridge, available in 10” or 20” length.
316 stainless steel construction.
Pressures to 276 bar.
Temperature to 82˚C (limited by LP cartridge).
Ideal for high-pressure applications.