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Dwyer Stainless Steel Static Pressure Tips - IPP

Dwyer Stainless Steel Static Pressure Tips

The Stainless Steel Static Pressure Tips are used to measure static pressures in ducts or rooms. They are to be connected to differential pressure switches and transmitters. Two static sensors are used in applications where differential pressure is required across a filter or coil. These sensors include a mounting flange with integral rubber gasket and two screws for simplifying mounting on a duct.

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Dwyer Series MP - IPP

Dwyer Series MP

The Series MP Mini-Photohelic® differential pressure switch/gage combines the time proven Minihelic® II differential pressure gage with two SPDT switching set points. The Mini-Photohelic® switch/gage is designed to measure and control positive, negative, or differential pressures consisting of non-combustible and non-corrosive gases. Gage reading is independent of switch operation. Switching status is visible by LED indicators located on the front and rear of the gage. Set points are adjusted with push buttons on back of unit. This extremely compact switch/gage is ideal for fume hoods, dust collection, pneumatic conveying and clean room applications.

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Dwyer Series Mark II - IPP

Dwyer Series Mark II

Dwyer® Mark II series molded manometers are of the inclined and inclined-vertical types. The curved inclined-vertical tube of the Model 25 gage provides higher ranges with more easily read increments at low readings. The Model 25 is excellent for general purpose work. The Model 40 inclined gage provides linear calibration and excellent resolution throughout its range. The Model 40 is ideally suited for air velocity and air filter gage applications. Both gage types are capable of pressure measurements above and below atmospheric as well as differential pressure measurements.

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Dwyer Series AT22000 - IPP

Dwyer Series AT22000

The popular Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gage is now available in a flame-proof ATEX enclosure with the new ATEX approved AT22000 Series. This gage can indicate positive, negative or differential pressures and is accurate within 2%. The Magnehelic® gage is the industry standard to measure fan and blower pressures, filter resistance, air velocity, furnace draft, pressure drop across orifice plates, liquid levels with bubbler systems and pressures in fluid amplifier or fluidic systems. Optional gage construction is available for use to either 35 psig (2.42 bar) or 80 psig (5.51 bar). Flame-proof ATEX enclosures are available in aluminum and include a glass window for viewing process pressures status on gage face.

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Dwyer Minihelic 2 5000 Series - IPP

Dwyer Minihelic 2 5000 Series

Combining clean design, small size and low cost with enough accuracy for all but the most demanding applications our Minihelic® II gage offers the latest in design features for a dial type differential pressure gage. It is our most compact gage but is easy to read and can safely operate at total pressures up to 30 psig. The Minihelic® II gage is designed for panel mounting in a single 2-5/8″ diameter hole. Standard pressure connections are barbed fittings for 3/16″ ID tubing; optional 1/8″ male NPT connections are also available. Over-pressure protection is built into the Minihelic® II gage by means of a blow-out membrane molded in conjunction with the diaphragm. Accidental over-ranging up to the rated total pressure will not damage the gage. With removable lens and rear housing, the gage may be easily serviced at minimum cost.

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Dwyer Magnehelic 2000 Series - IPP

Dwyer Magnehelic 2000 Series

Select the Magnehelic® gage for high accuracy–guaranteed within 2% of full scale–and for the wide choice of 81 models available to suit your needs precisely. Using Dwyer’s simple, frictionless Magnehelic® gage movement, it quickly indicates low air or non-corrosive gas pressures–either positive, negative (vacuum) or differential. The design resists shock, vibration and over-pressures. No manometer fluid to evaporate, freeze or cause toxic or leveling problems. It’s inexpensive, too.

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Dwyer Series 4000 Capsuhelic - IPP

Dwyer Series 4000 Capsuhelic

The Capsuhelic® gage is designed to give fast, accurate indication of differential pressures. The gage may be used as a readout device when measuring flowing fluids, pressure drop across filters, liquid levels in storage tanks and many other applications involving pressure, vacuum or differential pressure.


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