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Graduated Ruler

Any ruler with a length over 4.6 m is delivered in two parts (the fitting for assembly is included).


As a standard, the ruler is graduated for a right side mounting on the guiding tube, (on request: for a left side mounting).

Scales [ Unit ] = [ % ], height in [ cm ], Volume, Mass/Weight
Material = White PVC – U profile, 70 x 35 mm
Marks and signs = Black colour

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Bamo SFA-E - IPP

Bamo SFA-E

– Gas tight cable operated level indicator
– Vapours confining
– Fluid protection from contamination
– Convenient to viscous, aggressive, wasted liquids
– Adjustable on site, easy to install
– Even for high tanks

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Bamo SFA

– Easy to install
– Convenient to viscous, aggressive and waste liquids
– High, long or small tanks
– Adjustable level switches
– Kits for ordering

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Bamo JAR - IPP

Bamo JAR

– Level indicator with metallic parts
– Wide scale
– Graduated in %, m3, L etc.
– Long height possible
– Protected pulleys with a no jump system
– Sections of 1500 mm, adjustable total length

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Bamo GNR6 - IPP

Bamo GNR6

-Tube de mesure gros diamètre
-Réalisation PVC
-Lecture directe
-Vannes d’isolement incluses
-Fixation par brides
-Contacts réglables

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– PVC level indicator
– EPDM gaskets
– Direct reading
– Level switches for adjustable alarms

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Bamo GNR4 - IPP

Bamo GNR4

-Garniture Inox 316 L
-Ecrou Plastique ou Inox 316
-Tube PMMA ou Verre
-Vanne d?isolement
-Purge et évent en standard
-Raccord process ½” gaz
-Entraxe de 150 à 1500 mm

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Bamo FS4 - IPP

Bamo FS4

– Indication on top of the tank
– Mounting: free flange DN65
– Direct reading
– Construction: PVC or PPh
– Switches for adjustable level alarms
– Ideal for underground tanks
– For any liquids even with particles

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Bamo BSM 501 – BSM 515 - IPP

Bamo BSM 501 – BSM 515

Magnetic balanced handle, actuated by a float or a counterweight, performs free voltage contact on a micro-switch.
The housing in polycarbonate is protection class IP65.
BSM switches are fitted on tubes diam.32 and 35 with a plastic cable strap and tubes diam. 50 and 63 with a stainless steel collar.

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Bamo BRK 60 – BRT 60, Bistable level switch - IPP

Bamo BRK 60 – BRT 60, Bistable level switch

Floats and counterweights from BAMO are supplied with a magnet. They drive a Reed contact built in the ABS housing of BRT & BRK. Electric connections are on screw connectors. The switch is bistable; it stays in its new position once the float passed in front of it. The power switch is of 60 VA and it is recommended the use of a protecting relay (please see the documentation 250-01).
The BRK & BRT fit on the level guiding tube with a collar (plastic or stainless steel) that corresponds to diameters 32 mm or 63 mm. The high temperature BRT is available mostly for MAGTOP applications. Its housing is of aluminium and the unit will works up to 200°C.

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