Bamo FS4


The FS4 level indicator allows a direct reading for level through the transparent PVC tube of liquid inside an underground tank.
With the optional level switches BRK or BSM it is possible to control the level by starting and stopping a pump or opening and closing a valve, to send alarm signals high and low levels.


A float (1) at the bottom of a stem (2) moves an indicator (3) inside a transparent PVC tube (4). The reading is direct. The float moves inside a guiding tube (tranquilizing the fluid) of diameter 63 mm made of PVC (5). The assembly on the top of the tank is done with a free flange DN65 (6); tight is obtained with the fixed surface (part of the tube).
FS4 are always studied according to the fluid specific weight and the monitored fluid height. Higher is the specific weight, bigger is the float: with a fixed diameter, the float height is therefore longer. The float is immersed at 80% before beginning to float; this defines the indication dead zone of low levels.
The indicator has a built in magnet able to actuate our switches outside the tube (BSM 501 and BRK, please see the documentation 585).
For a stainless steel model see the documentation 560: MAGTOP 400; they can be equipped with switches or a continuous level transmitter.


  • Float (1): PPh
  • Stem (2): PPh
  • Guiding tube (5): PVC
  • Indicator (3): PPh
  • Maximal height: 3000 mm, depending of fluid specific weight
  • Maximal pressure: 4 bars at 20°C
  • Maximal temperature: 60°C for PVC / 80°C for PPH
  • Mounting: free flange PVC or PPH, ND 65