Tescom Line Pressure Reducers

Features & Benefits

  • Pre assembled with gauge, compression fittings attached
  • Increased safety and reliability due to metal to metal seal with Stainless Steel diapraghm
  • High flow capacity with excellent control capabilities at D45002
  • Optional presetting of outlet pressure
  • Suitable for panel installation


Pressure Rating

Maximum Inlet Pressure     
D45001: 3495, 392 PSIG [241, 27 bar]
D45002: 3045, 508 PSIG [210, 34 bar]
Outlet Pressure Range
D45001: 102, 247 PSIG [7, 17 bar]    
D45002: 145 PSIG [10 bar]


Fluid Media

Non-corrosive gases and mixtures up to purity 6.0 [99.9999 Vol%] Brass and Stainless Steel. For corrosive gases in Stainless Steel.



Material: Brass and Stainless Steel
Bonnet: Nickel plated Brass optinal Stainless Steel
Seat: Teflon®



Operating Temperature

-104°F to +158°F [-40°C to +70°C]


Flow Capacity

D45001: Cv = .06 (high pressure), Cv = .15 (low pressure)
D45002: Cv = 1.0


Leakage Rate Against Atmosphere

10-8 mbar l/sec He


Connections Body

D45001: 3x NPT 1/4
D45002: 2x NPT 1/2
Gauge: NPT 1/4



D45001: approximately 2.4 lbs [1.1 kg]
D45002: approximately 4 lbs [1.8 kg]