ADCA P160A Sanitary pressure reducing valve DN15-DN50


The ADCA P-160A series direct acting, air loaded diaphragm sensing, pressure reducing valves are designed for use on clean steam, compressed air, water and other gases or liquids compatible with the materials of construction.

Main features

  • Compact design.
  • Completely machined from barstock material, no castings or forgings are used on the standard version.
  • Set point can be adjusted remotely using a relieving gas pressure regulator or through a I-P convertor.
  • Ease operation during the sterilization or cleaning process (SIP-CIP), by remotely increasing the set point, ensures that the valve stays totally open during the process.

Standard surface finish

  • Internal wetted parts: 0,5 microns Ra
  • External: Body and cover– Fine machined (mechanical or electro polished as option)