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ATEX Regulators

Tescom 44-5800 Series - IPP

Tescom 44-5800 Series

TESCOM™ 44-5800 Series offers superior heat transfer technology. With a high tolerance to voltage spikes and high ambient temperatures, this regulator is designed for worldwide applications. Ideal for use in liquid petroleum analyzers, petrochemcial/refinery analyzers and sampling systems.

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Tescom ER3000 Series Electronic Pressure Controller - IPP

Tescom ER3000 Series Electronic Pressure Controller

TESCOM™ ER3000 Electronic Pressure Controller, combined with a wide range of pressure regulators and an external transducer, provides true distributed control of liquids or gases from vacuum to 20,000 PSIG [1379 bar]. As a stand-alone unit, the ER3000 can control the pressure of dry, clean inert gases from 0 to 100 PSIG [0 to 6.89 bar]. It will give your system closed loop feedback control with exceptional accuracy and response time. Ideal for use in test equipment, calibration stands and production equipment.

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Tescom ER5000 Kits - IPP

Tescom ER5000 Kits

TESCOM™ ER5000 Kits are engineered to provide all the equipment needed to get  your pneumatic pressure control system up and running with minimum effort on your part. Two kit options allow for easy assembly, saving you setup time and money.

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