Tescom ER3000 Series Electronic Pressure Controller

ER3000 User Software Download Instructions

The download file is zipped using a WinZip utility. If you need to acquire the utility to unzip the download file, it can be obtained from this website: www.winzip.com.
After downloading, use the WinZip utility to unzip the file.
Once unzipped, run the Autorun executable and follow the on-screen prompts to perform the desired task.
Refer to Documentation tab below to download software.
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Features & Benefits

  • Electropneumatic PID Loop Controller
  • Selectable control modes: Internal or external feedback
  • Analog or digital setpoint signal
  • 4-20 mA, 1-5 VDC, or 0-10 VDC
  • Can be combined with TESCOM’s air actuated and dome loaded pressure reducing and back pressure regulators
  • Explosion proof models available
  • Free software
  • Failsafe features


Power Requirement

20.5 to 28.5 VDC, 340 mA maximum, 180 mA nominal


Supply Requirement

Media Type
Clean, dry inert gas or shop air



Minimum: Required Output Pressure + 1 PSIG [.07 bar]
Maximum: 120 PSIG [8 bar]
Nominal: 110 PSIG [7 bar]


Flow Stream Materials

Solenoids: Nickel plated brass, Viton® seat and o-rings
Sensor: Glass, ceramic, silicon, RTV, nickel
Manifold: Glass filled PET
Tubing: Polyurethane
Plug: Brass
O-rings: Silicone, Buna-N, Viton®


Operating Temperature

-20°F to +170°F [-30°C to +76°C]


Port Size & Type

Gas Ports (Inlet, Exhaust & Gauge): 1/8″ – 27 NPT
Controlled Outlet Port: 1/4″ – 18 NPT


Flow Capacity

Standard, Cv = .01
Low flow, Cv = .001
High flow, Cv = .1
High flow, Cv = .2



34.8 oz [1.0 kg]