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Dwyer MPC - IPP

Dwyer MPC

The Mercoid® MPC Pump Controller provides versatile level control in a standard 1/4 DIN package. Designed for use with almost any style level transmitter the unit displays the present level and main set point value. Incorporated in the MPC is programmable level differential for on/off control of one or two pumps, valves, or other devices through two SPDT relays. Also featured are two additional programmable alarm contacts with front alarm light indication.

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Bamo ES 2001, Resistive amplifier relay for level control - IPP

Bamo ES 2001, Resistive amplifier relay for level control

The resistive amplifier relay for level control ES 2001 works with the electrical conductivity property of the liquid, detecting the opening or closing circuit between two electrodes. A complete range of probes and rods are pecially
designed to answer to all type of applications.
The sensibility is adjusted in relation to the liquid conductivity from 1 to 150 kOhm. The hysteresis between On/Off relay switching is about 10% of sensibility; this, is, to avoid false alarms originated by smog, foam or condensation of vapours. With both timers, it is easy to adjust the level detection or level regulation even if the fluid surface is moving (small wave effect).

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