Bamo ES 2001, Resistive amplifier relay for level control

Features & Benefits

  • For all electrical conductive liquids
  • Dimensions: 22.5 mm width, rail DIN mounting
  • Adjustable sensitivity and timer
  • Selection of action mode
  • Functions:
    On /Off level controller between 2 rods
    Level regulation between 3 rods


To use with:
Reed contact, models included in BRK60, BW60, CNL, MNR6, MNR7 etc.
Flow switch, such as ZE951 (IDP – PDP), CDP etc.

For level control of electrically conductive liquid media:
Minimal or maximal levels.
Dosing, flow detection and alarm, pump control, solenoid valve control, fluid detection in a pipe.

With appropriate electrodes for use as limit transducer in:
Water, wastewater
Acids, lye, brines, etc.

It is necessary to have one relay ES2001 for each detection level.



Main power supply: 230 V AC – 50/60 Hz (standard); other on request
Consumption: 2 VA
Working temperature: Maximal, +45°C
Housing: IP40 – cabinet and tropicalized version, on request
Mounting: Rail DIN 46277
Galvanic insulation: Between main line and electrodes circuit
Sensitivity: 2 adjustable ranges, 1…70 kOhm and 5…150 kOhm
Switching power: 500 VA / 250 V AC / 5 A – 1 A / 125 V DC / 40 W
Outputs on 2 reverse contact
Timers, adjustable:
t = 0.5 to 5 s for increasing level
0.5 t for decreasing level
Hysteresis: approx. 10% of adjusted sensitivity
Electrodes circuit: 6 V AC, < 1.5 mA
Indicators: 1 operating LED, 1 switching status LED