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Bamophox 759 - IPP

Bamophox 759

– Input 4-20 mA for level height
– Alphanumeric back lighted LCD display:
      Level, Flow rate,
      Daily volume,
      Total indicator
– Curves memorized for Venturi channels, standard weird plates V or U
– 4 relay outputs (Normally Open contacts)
      Contact for flow rate limit
      Contact for sampler
      Contact for external pulse counting
– 1 analogical output 0/4-20mA galvanic insulated
– 2 models available:
      Panel mounting 72 x 144
      Wall mounting IP 65

      RS 422 /J-BUS + LOGGER
      Extension for 2nd measurement input

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Bamo venturi channel debitflo - IPP

Bamo venturi channel debitflo

  • According to ISO 4359
  • 10 ranges
  • From 7 to 2500 m3/h
  • Construction: composite material
  • Easier civil engineering
  • Options:
  • Complete measurement system
    Logger and transmitter
    Inserted channel in PE module

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Bamo EchoTREK, Ultrasonic Level Transmitter on open channel - IPP

Bamo EchoTREK, Ultrasonic Level Transmitter on open channel

Compact, this ultrasonic sensor is reliable and accurate.
It exists also in a HART protocol version. This sensor is equiped with the QUEST+TM advanced research system. The processor allows the aspect analysis of the liquid surface to obtain a reliable level measurement.
A 4-20 mA ouput signal is easily calibrated with a magnet key. For a complex programmation, the SAP100 display unit allows the access to all parameters.
The bargraph function could be dedicated to the measurement or echo signal reception quality. 

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