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Orrifice Plate

Bamo DB serie - IPP

Bamo DB serie

Diaphragm is inserted between 2 flanges in the main duct. The differential pressure is transmitted to the exterior via 2 pressure ports on each diaphragm face. This pressure is proportional to the flow rate square in circulation inside of the duct. A flowmeter, mounting in derivation allow a direct reading of the flow rate. To obtain a strictly proportional to the main flow rate, a BORDA injector is insert before or after flowmeter.
This flowmeter can be replaced by a counter, allowing a totalization.
Orifices can be only delivered in stainless steel 316 L, or with pressure ports directly on steel or stainless steel. Their accuracy is 1%, diameters are from 50 and 60 mm. We supply flowmeter with special graduation for derivated measure on all existing diaphragm, only if specifications are given before graduation.

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