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Air Quality

Dwyer Series WHP - IPP

Dwyer Series WHP

The Series WHP Wireless Humidity/Temperature Sensors provides flexibility in locating sensors and reduces wiring cost. Using a 418 MHz transmitter, the sensor can transmit data up to 100 feet without the use of a repeater. When coupled with a receiver and output module, the Series WHP can output voltage, current or resistance values for humidity and temperature. Since the unit is battery powered using two AA batteries, users can change the location of the sensor by a couple of feet or to a different wall without worry about extra labor cost. With the transmit rate at approximately one reading every 10 seconds, the battery is estimated to last 5 to 8 years.

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Dwyer Series THC - IPP

Dwyer Series THC

Simultaneously measure and control temperature and humidity with the Series THC Temperature/Humidity Switch. The unit offers a 3-digit red display for temperature indication and a 3-digit green display indicating humidity. The Series THC is equipped with four independent relays, two for temperature control and two relays for humidity control.

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Dwyer Series STRA - IPP

Dwyer Series STRA

The Series STRA Airflow Measurement Station is easy to install — simply connect the tubing to the station fittings, then to a differential pressure manometer, gage, transmitter or switch. Single or multiple airflow elements are factory mounted and pre-piped in a casing designed for flanged connection to the duct work. The Series STRA utilizes an airflow averaging element in a head-type device, generating a differential (velocity) pressure signal similar to the orifice, venturi, and other head producing primary elements. It has been developed with a honeycomb airflow straightening section for use in duct systems having highly turbulent conditions at the point of measurement. Strategically located sensing ports continually sample the total and static pressures when inserted normal to flow. Total pressures sensed by the upstream ports are continually averaged within the airflow element in an isolated chamber. The static sensing ports are averaged in a second isolation chamber. Multiple elements are joined together for connection to a differential measurement device (gage, transmitter, etc.) for flow measurement and indication purposes.

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Dwyer Series RHP-W - IPP

Dwyer Series RHP-W

The Series RHP-W Wall Mount Humidity/Temperature/Dew Point Transmitter is the most versatile room transmitter on the market. The stylish housing is well vented to provide air flow across the sensor to improve measurement accuracy. An optional LCD display can be integral to the transmitter or a remote display can be ordered for building balancing or LEED® validation. The LCD display indicates the ambient temperature along with the humidity or dew point. The transmitter has internal dip switches to select the temperature engineering units and whether the transmitter outputs humidity or dew point.

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Dwyer Series RHP - IPP

Dwyer Series RHP

The Series RHP Temperature and Humidity Transmitter combine the voltage or current humidity transmitter output with a passive temperature thermistor or RTD output. The polymer capacitance humidity sensor is not affected by condensation, fog, high humidity, or contaminants. The humidity sensors are available with 2% or 3% accuracies. Duct mounted transmitters are available with an optional two-line alpha numeric LCD display. The Series RHP is available with interchangeable filter options as well as replaceable sensors.

For models with resistive thermistors or RTD outputs, please click here for temperature to resistance lookup tables.

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Dwyer Series RH-R - IPP

Dwyer Series RH-R

The Series RH-R Humidity Transmitter is the ideal transmitter for those applications where space is limited. The compact sensor is protected by a removable filter. It can be mounted up to 16 feet away from the weatherproof base. The Series RH-R is ideal for environmental chambers, rubber bladder burst detection and air handler applications.

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Dwyer Series HS - IPP

Dwyer Series HS

The microprocessor based Series HS Humidity Switch provides control for humidifying or dehumidifying. Relative humidity, output status, and error messaging can be viewed on the bright green LED. The switch features 9 user defined parameters including setpoint, hysteresis, control type, cycle time, and probe adjustment. Access to programming parameters can be locked for security purposes using the password protection feature. The Series HS includes a fitting clip for panel mounting, gasket, rear terminal cover, and instruction manual.

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Dwyer Series FLST - IPP

Dwyer Series FLST

The Series FLST Airflow Measurement Station is easy to install — simply connect the tubing to the station fittings, then to a differential pressure manometer, gage, transmitter or switch. Single or multiple airflow elements are factory mounted and pre-piped in a casing designed for flanged connection to the duct work. Standard materials consist of a G90 galvanized casing and 6063-T5 anodized aluminum flow sensors, suitable for most HVAC applications.

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Dwyer Series CMT - IPP

Dwyer Series CMT

The Series CMT Carbon Monoxide Transmitter accurately detects and transmits low concentrations of carbon monoxide inside a parking garage or loading dock. Transmitters can be ordered in wall mount or duct mount configurations. Universal current and voltage outputs are field selectable and match most common building management controllers. Optional relay and alarm buzzers are available on the wall mount models to directly connect to a warning light or exhaust fan. The Series CMT can be field calibrated using internal potentiometers. Software settings such as set points for optional relay outputs are password protected.

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Dwyer Series CDW - IPP

Dwyer Series CDW

The Series CDW Wall Mount Carbon Dioxide/Temperature Transmitter combines accurate CO2 measurements with a passive temperature output. The Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) sensor continuously updates the calibration through a proprietary logic feature which limits the amount of error due to drift. The CDW series is ideal for building automation systems to help control the fresh air intake in a room.

• On demand room ventilation.

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Dwyer Model CDD - IPP

Dwyer Model CDD

Model CDD, Duct Mount Carbon Dioxide Transmitter, NDIR Sensing Technology, 2000 PPM Range

The Model CDD Duct Mount Carbon Dioxide Transmitter monitors the occupancy in a room by detecting the concentration of carbon dioxide in the return air duct. The non-dispersive infrared sensing technology automatically updates the calibration of the transmitter using a proprietary logic feature which limits the amount of error due to drift. The Model CDD can measure up to 2000 PPM in duct air flows less than 1500 FPM.

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Dwyer Model AQH-20 - IPP

Dwyer Model AQH-20

Model AQH-20, Handheld Indoor Air Quality Meter,Measures CO2, Temperature and Humidity

The Model AQH-20 Indoor Air Quality Meter reduces the number of instruments a contractor has to carry by measuring the carbon dioxide concentration, air temperature, and humidity percentage in one device. A large backlit LCD display shows all three parameters simultaneously. The Model AQH-20 can display dew point or wet bulb temperatures in place of the ambient temperature. Minimum, maximum, and average readings are easily accessible through the function buttons. By pressing the hold key, the current values are held so that they can be recorded. An audible alarm warns the user that the current ambient conditions are becoming hazardous. The Model AQH-20 includes a hard carrying case and four AA alkaline batteries.

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