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Pneumatic actuated

Bamo VP3V S4-PVC, 3-way ball valves - IPP

Bamo VP3V S4-PVC, 3-way ball valves

Pneumatically actuated 3-way ball valves are useful for redirecting or to stop the flow of fluids in plants. These models in plastics are designed for aggressive liquids. The options permit automatic operations.

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Accessories for Pneumatic Actuators - IPP

Accessories for Pneumatic Actuators

Solenoid valve: command the air distribution useful for move the valve under the pneumatic actuator.
Limit switch box BE 41: with two free potential contacts they are use to know the extreme positions of the valves.
Proximity limit switch box: the two proximity limit switches are combined to our ISO plate to optimize global dimensions of our pneumatic valves.

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