Zürcher BS-Series

Features & Benefits

  • Regulating Range from -10 to 4000 mbar
  • Sizes DN15 to DN 100 (1/2” to 4”)
  • Pressure Resistance 10 bar
  • Back Pressure Resistance up to 4000 mbar
  • Withstands Full Vacuum
  • Stainless Steel Regulators
  • Hastelloy Regulators
  • PVDF Regulators
  • Clean and Sterile Regulators
  • Maintenance Friendly


Inlet pressure : 16 bar

(10 bar for DN 80/DN100 and for PVDF Regulators)

Back pressure resistance : 4 bar

Regulating range of springs : -200 to +400 mbar

Pilot regulating range : Up to 4000 mbar

Max. vacuum : Withstands full vacuum

Max. temp. FFKM (Kalrez®) : -20°C to +160°C

Max. temp. FPM (Viton®) : -20°C to +120°C

Tightness / Adjustment:

Seat tightness acc. to EN 12266-1, leaking rate A, P12

Flow capacity for adjustment

DN 15 /1/2” : 0.5 Nm3/h

DN 25 / 1” : 1 Nm3/h

DN 50 / 2” : 2 Nm3/h

DN 80 / 3” : 5 Nm3/h

DN 100 / 4” : 5 Nm3/h



According to Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EG

Conformity statement QS 04 ATEX 2006 : II 2GD IIC

Statement of Compliance : US.FDA 21 CFR

Work Certificate : EN10204 3.1B


Standard Design

Application: For processes in the chemical-pharmaceutical industries, without substandard requirement.

Example of uses:

– Protection against explosion.

– Prevention of building an explosive mixture of gas by exchanging the atmospheric air with an inert gas.

Mounting form: Inline- and angle pattern

Surface: Without special treatment

Complete drain: No


Clean Design

Application: For procedures in the pharmaceutical industries and food production with increased requirements concerning surface treatment, dead space and cleaning.

Example of uses :

– Protection against oxidation.

– The replacement of the atmospheric air by an inert gas prevents the building of an oxidizing ambiance.

Mounting form: Angle pattern

Internal space: Rounded edges, minimized dead space Surface Roughness for areas in contact with media < Ra 0.6 μm, internal and external electro polishing as option.

Complete drain: Yes


Sterile Design

Application: Duties in the pharmaceutical industries and biotechnology with extremely high degree requirements to sterility.

Example of uses: All processes and procedures in sterile quality.

Mounting form: Angle pattern

Internal space: Separated process- and control space, no dead space.

Surface: Areas in contact with media < Ra 0.6 μm and electro polished, external electro polishing as option.

Complete drain: Yes

CIP connection: Yes