Tescom 54-2700 Series

TESCOM 54-2700 Series high flow backpressure regulator is designed for up to 1000 PSIG [69 PSIG] control pressure. This regulator has a Vespel® seat that allows for hydraulic or pneumatic service. Optional with air load for use with the TESCOM ER3000 electropneumatic controller. Ideal for use in hydraulic test stands.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in air, dome and spring loaded versions
  • Compatible with TESCOM ER3000 Electronic Controller (air loaded only)
  • High flow: Cv = 5.0
  • 500 or 5500 PSIG [35 or 380 bar] maximum controlled pressure range


Pressure Rating

Maximum Inlet Pressure:

Air loaded inlet: 500 PSIG [35 bar]

Dome loaded inlet: 5500 PSIG [380 bar]

Spring loaded inlet: 500 PSIG [35 bar]



Body: 303 and 316 Stainless Steel

Seat: Glass Filled Peek, Vespel® SP1

O-rings: Buna-N, Viton®, Ethylene Propylene

Back-up Rings: Teflon®

Remaining Parts: 303 Stainless Steel


Operating Temperature

-40°F to +165°F [-40°C to +74°C]1.

1. Operating temperature range dependent on o-ring material


Port Size & Type

1″ SAE (body diameter is 4.50″), 1″ NPT, 1″ MS33649


Flow Capacity

Cv = 5.0


Load Type

Spring, Dome, Air Actuated



30 lbs [13.6 kg]