Tescom 44-2200 Series

Ideal for use in laboratory and point-of-use gas systems, sampling systems, zero, span and calibration analyzer gases, as a specialty and industrial gas cylinder regulator and chromatograph flame detector fuel supply.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact in size
  • Designed to reduce contamination and provide accurate regulation of any corrosive, non-corrosive, or toxic gas
  • Brass model provides added economy for control of non-corrosive media
  • Metal to metal diaphragm to body seal assures minimum inboard and outboard leakage
  • Convoluted diaphragm gives excellent accuracy and long life
  • Panel mounting available
  • 300 Series Stainless Steel or Brass bonnet


Pressure Rating

Maximum Inlet Pressure: 400, 3500 PSIG [27, 241 bar]
Outlet Pressure Ranges:
0-25, 0-50, 0-100, 0-250, 0-500 PSIG [0-1.7, 0-3.5, 0-7, 0-17, 0-35 bar]



Body: 316L SST, Brass, Hastelloy-C® or Monel
Bonnet: 300 Series Stainless Steel, Brass
Diaphragm: 316 SST, Elgiloy®
Seat: Teflon®
Remaining Parts: 316 SST / Brass, Hastelloy® or Monel


Operating Temperature

-40°F to +165°F [-40°C to +74°C]


Port Size & Type

1/4″ NPT


Flow Capacity

3500 PSIG inlet (Cv = .06), 400 PSIG inlet (Cv = .15)


Load Type

Spring, Dome, Dome / Spring Bias



1.35 kg