Singa Galaxy Separator System

The Singa Galaxy Separator System is a major breakthrough in providing the ultimate separation of particulates and emulsified water to produce clarify fuel eg diesel. Clear or clarified fuel, Colour, RVP, Freeze and Boiling Point are critical quality requirements specified in the sales agreement or ASTM standards. In the refining processes, on-line analyzers are used to monitor these properties of fuel continuously to ensure that the final fuel product will be on spec or within tolerance allowed. However, liquid fuels often form emulsions with particulates and water and this blocks the light transmission of the optical analyzer for measuring the Colour property and, also causes unreliable, unsteady boiling point analysis. Emulsified caustic water in fuel can also form hard deposits/coatings over the delicate pressure sensing part of the RVP analyzer.


The Singa Galaxy Separator System employs innovative separation technology and multi-stage conditioning to achieve the perfect balanced, long term, robust total solution. It ensures huge savings in maintenance and replacement costs, and eliminates down time. It can be an add-on system to the existing sampling system or a new installation.

Key Features

  • Designed to clean and clarify fuel by removing particulates and water by using a combination of centrifugal forces and coalescing actions to achieve the perfectly balanced solution.
  • No moving parts! Very low maintenance! Filter change recommended only once a year.
  • Innovative design: The Merlion II separator operates optimally at low flow rate of 150-300 l/h to separate percentage level water and particulates. The Singa Galaxy Separator then incorporates special filter to produce 20-40 l/h of clarified fuel with trace water concentration.
  • Completely mechanical design, easy installation in hazardous areas.
  • SS316 Stainless Steel construction or special materials on request.