M3HP True Bore DN65-DN100


M3HP three piece body ball valves are isolating valves designed for use on clean steam, condensate and other gases and liquids used in high purity and aseptic processes.
The valve is not designed as a control valve and should be used only as an isolating valve, fully open or fully closed.
The product was mainly designed for the pharmaceutical, biotech, semiconductor, cosmetics, fine chemical, food and beverage industries.

Main features

  • True bore floating ball design
  • Completely made from solid bar stock material
  • Can be serviced without removal from pipeline
  • Bidirectional
  • Anti blow out proof stem
  • Tube weld with loose body flanges
  • (360º rotation after installation)

Standard surface finish

  • Internal wetted parts: ≤ 0,5 micron Ra
  • External: ≤ 0,8 micron Ra (0,25 micron Ra and electro polished as option)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning