ISC16 Culinary Steam Filter


The ISC16 high efficiency filters are used to remove contaminated particles from gases such as steam and compressed air.
The optimized construction of these units offers low differential pressure at high flow rates.
All sizes are build in two halves. Up to DN 3” / DN80 they are joined by a food industry fitting according to DIN 11851 and the larger sizes DN100 to DN200 by flat flanges fixed with bolts and nuts.
The filter elements (replaceable) are made of sintered austenitic stainless steel.

Main features

  • Several retention rates available
  • Good durability against aggressive gases
  • Porosity level is more than 50% ensuring high particle and dirt load capacity as well as good flow rate at a low differential pressure.
  • Regeneration by ultrasonic bath.

Standard surface finish

  • Internal parts: ≤ 0,8 microns Ra
  • External: Satin bead blast finish – 1,6 microns Ra
  • Mechanical polished as option