Aseptic/hygienic safety valve

The BIOTECH is a aseptic/hygienic safety valve, designed/produced for the pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, food industries etc… fulfilling all requirements for process on the highest level. This valve fits for all clean applications of any kind of fluids such as liquid/steam/gas. Partnering with tank/skid manufacturer is also interesting in this case as long we are in a niche market, for special needs. There are few products available on the market of this kind. With the Biotech Valve we meet all your needs. Delivery time is around 1 to 2 weeks or sooner if needed, a key point according to the competition.


General characteristics:

  • CIP-SIP: Integrated mobile cap allowing the CIP/SIP phases and the periodic controls
  • Ra 0.38µm: High quality polishing answering to the most demanding applications
  • Clean Concept:
    • Total cleaning of the internals
    • Optimal drainage of the fluids
    • Migration proof sealing
  • Compact Connect: Compatible design with flush links
  • 1.4404 316L – 1.4435 BN2: Materials approved as standard by the pharmaceutical industry
  • Clamp: Standard DIN 11866-C (ASME-BPE
  • Ultra-Compact: Reduced size and maintained performance
  • Lazer: Full Traceability of the components