H+ API 520-526 type 300

This is the new product of H+ VALVES, according API 520/526, sold under the name TYPE300 and trade mark H+FLOW™.


Oil and gas – chemical – petrochemical

  • Conventional Safety – Balanced – With or without lever
  • from ND 25 (1″) to ND 150 (6″)
  • Connections: Class 150, 300, 300Light, 600
  • Body: Carbon Steel – Stainless Steel / Internal parts: Stainless Steel – Inconel® – Monel® / Nozzle: Stainless Steel (NACE MR 0175)
  • According: DESP 97/23 CE + ATEX 94/9

Serie 300
“Oil & gas” safety valves full nozzle and high performance

In the strictest applications of the standard API520-API526, we propose you valves from 1″ to 6″ in all standardized orifices by the API. From class 150 Lbs to 600 Lbs, but also in PN16 or PN40.

Our range grows of new 6R10 in Stainless Steel and Carbon steel.


The key points of this range are:

  • Standardized dimensions
  • Section of standardized orifice
  • Performance level raised (brought up) thanks to a setting ring
  • Full nozzle for a better protection and a greater longevity of the valve (wear part)