Dwyer Series MS Magnesense Differential Pressure Transmitter

Along with these features, the magnetic sensing technology provides exceptional long term performance and enables the Magnesense® transmitter to be the solution for a myriad of pressure and flow applications.


Please see SERIES AT2MS for ATEX approved.

Features & Benefits

  • Field Upgradeable LCD. No need to order two separate transmitters. Simply stock a transmitter and display and you can satisfy any customer’s requests. Simply remove cover and snap the LCD onto the board.
  • Field Selectable Ranges in metric or English. Lowers stock and inventory requirements. You’ll always have the right transmitter for every job.
  • Digital Push Button Zero and Span. Reduces calibration time significantly over other transmitters that utilize potentiometers. Lowers maintenance time and costs.
  • Adjustable Digital Dampening smooths out unstable pressure fluctuations common in air flow applications.
  • Field Selectable Air Velocity Mode for fan and blower applications. Unit provides square root output that accurately tracks fpm or m/s flow rate. No need for a smart programmable indicator or PLC to convert pressure to air flow. Reduces components and installation time lowering overall costs.


Service: Air and non-combustible compatible gases.

Wetted Materials: Consult factory.

Accuracy: MS-X21: 0.5″ w.c. & 0.25″ w.c.: ±1%; 0.1″ w.c.: ±2%; 100 Pa & 50 Pa: ±1%; 25 Pa: ±2%. MS-X11: 5″ w.c. & 2″ w.c.: ±1%; 1″ w.c.: ±2%; 1250 Pa & 500 Pa: ±1%; 250 Pa: ±2% (@ standard conditions).

Stability: ±1% F.S./year.

Temperature Limits: 0 to 150°F (-18 to 66°C).

Pressure Limits: 1 psi maximum, operation; 10 psi, burst.

Power Requirements: 10 to 35 VDC (2-wire); 17 to 36 VDC or isolated 21.6 to 33 VAC (3-wire).

Output Signals: 4 to 20 mA (2-wire); 0 to 5 V, 0 to 10 V (3-wire).

Response Time:

Field adjustable 0.5 to 15 sec. time constant.

Provides a 95% response time of 1.5 to 45 seconds.

Zero & Span Adjustments: Digital push button.

Loop Resistance: Current Output: 0-1250 max. Voltage Output: min. load resistance 1 k.

Current Consumption: 40 mA max.

Display (optional): 4 digit LCD.

Electrical Connections: 4-20 mA, 2-wire: European Style Terminal Block for 16 to 26 AWG. 0-10 V, 3-wire: European Style Terminal Block 16 to 22 AWG.

Electrical Entry: 1/2″ NPS Thread. Accessory: Cable Gland for 5 to 10 mm diameter cable.

Process Connection: 3/16″ (5 mm) ID tubing. Maximum OD 9 mm.

Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4X (IP66).

Mounting Orientation: Diaphragm in vertical position.

Weight: 8.0 oz (230 g).

Agency Approvals: CE.