Dwyer Series 1950G Explosion-proof Differential Pressure Switch

Easy access to the SPDT relay and power supply terminals is provided by removing the top plate of the aluminum housing. A supply voltage of 24 VDC, 120 or 240 VAC is required. A captive screw allows the cover to swing aside while remaining attached to the unit. Adjustment to the set point of the switch can be made without disassembly of the housing.


Service: Air and compatible combustible gases.

Wetted Materials: Consult factory.

Temperature Limits: 0 to 140°F (-17 to 60°C). Note: Set point drift may occur with ambient temperature changes.

Pressure Limits: 45″ w.c. (11.2 kPa) continuous; 10 psig (68.95 kPa) surge.

Enclosure Rating: NEMA 3 (IP54), NEMA 7 and 9.

Switch Type: 1 Form C relay (SPDT).

Electrical Rating: 10A, 120/240 VAC, 28 VDC. Resistive 50mA, 125 VDC.

Power Requirements: 24 VDC ±10%. 120 or 240 VAC ±10% optional.

Electrical Connections: Internal terminal block.

Process Connections: 1/8″ female NPT.

Mounting Orientation: Diaphragm in vertical position. Consult factory for other position orientations.

Set Point Adjustment: Screw type on top of housing.

Weight: 2 lbs 15.7 oz (1.35 kg).

Agency Approvals: CE, UL, CSA, FM, ATEX IECEx.