CS VA 420 14301

Application-technological features of the consumption counters VA 420:

  • Easy and affordable installation
  • Units freely selectable via keypad m³/h, m³/min, l/min, l/s, kg/h, kg/min, kg/s, cfm
  • Compressed air counter up to 1,999,999,999 m³. Resettable to “zero” via keypad
  • Analogue output 4…20 mA, pulse output (galvanically seperated)
  • High measuring accuracy also in the lower measuring range (ideal for leakage measurement)
  • Negligibly small loss pressure
  • Calorimetric measuring principle, no additional pressure and temperature measurement necessary, no mechanically moved parts
  • Gas types adjustable via software (nitrogen, oxygen, CO2, nitrous oxide, argon)

Application range of VA 420:

  • Compressed air balancing, compressed air consumption measurement
  • Leakage air / leak rate determination
  • Mobile compressed air measurement in front of single machines / plants
  • Flow measurement of process gases like e. g. nitrogen, CO2, oxygen, argon, nitrous oxide
  • Flow measurement at nitrogen generators


We are always working on the improvement of our products!

For this reason our consumption counters VA 420 will have a slot joint in future.

Despite this change the shipment of measuring sections with pin connection will continuously be granted. So an unproblematic exchange of the measuring heads and the measuring sections will also be possible in future.