Controlair Super Mite 74

Snap-acting control relay with integral 3-way valve

The Mite 74 combines the Mite 70 control relay with a precision 2-way or 3-way valve in a single compact package. Either an increasing, decreasing or remote signal can be used to channel air as needed. The Mite 74 can also be used in combination with either of the Super Mite 71’s so that it will trip when either of two signals drops or rises beyond a set pressure. Once tripped, the Mite 74 will hold its settings until the proper control signal is reestablished and the reset button is pushed.


Pressure Rating

100 psig max.


Temperature Limits

-40°F to +180°F


Port Sizes

Tapped for 1/4” NPT with 1/8” internal ports



Aluminum, Plated Steel, Neoprene, Brass and Stainless Steel