Bamosoft Smart, Water hardness monitor

Features & Benefits

  • Fit any water softener system
  • Controller and survey monitoring
  • Plug and play, respect of environment
  • Reagent free
  • Calcium and magnesium selective electrode
  • Easy installation, and operating
  • Preset over threshold value alarm (10%)
  • Continuous system self-diagnostic


Using bypass technology, the device extracts softened water, time controlled or flow rate depending while the process, evaluates residual hardness and alerted with exceeding of threshold value of 10% referring to raw water hardness. The measurements will be realized by an ion selective electrode, which is securely placed in the flow measurement chamber. By automatically opening and closing of the up streamed stop valves the process water will be replaced and after this, pressure free rejected (wasted sample).
Alarm will be signalised with exceeding of preset threshold value or with identification of service requirements such as: Hardness sensor maintenance, Solenoid valve failure, Brine excess in softener system outlet.
Measuring functions and their results are represented with coloured LEDs.
Measuring system is automatically calibrated with cyclical change over from softened water to raw water. Cycle time is about 15 minutes once the first measurements are validated. A specific timing is possible through an external signal (totalizer counter with pulse output, external contact).



Wall mounting housing, 120 x 80 x 55 mm
(Overall system 250 x 220 x 100 mm)
Ambient :
temperature: +5…+30°C
% R. H.: 30…80 %
Power supply (delivered unit): 100…240 V – 50/60 Hz / 0.2 A
Power consumption: 15 V DC; approx. 4 Watt
Relay output: N.C., switching power 24 V / 0.5 A
Water connections For PA tube o.d. 4 mm, i.d. 2 mm (by-pass tubing)
Recommended up stream dirt filters: ≤ 0.1 mm
Pressure limits Raw and soft water: 1 to 10 bar
Drain sample: Ø 8 mm as a minimum, pressure free
Water quality:
Natural water, free of grease, oil and brine
germ content < 5000 KBE/mL
Detection range: 1.4…70°e (or 2 …100°f)