Bamosoft Control, Water hardness monitor

Features & Benefits

  • Fit any water softener system
  • Controller and survey monitoring
  • Reagent free
  • Calcium and magnesium selective electrode
  • Alarm: Adjustable signal between 0.25% and 10% of raw water hardness
  • 4-20 mA signal output on set up ranges
  • Continuous system self-diagnostic


BAMOSOFT Control monitors a defined softened water threshold at the outlet of the water softener.
The device extracts raw or softened water samples, time controlled or flow rate dependent, and evaluates the residual hardness in reference to the defined threshold.
The threshold can be customized by DIP switches.
The measurements will be automatically carried out every 15 minutes in a measurement chamber where an ion-selective electrode is securely placed. Alternatively the process cycle can be run by pulse signal (from totalizer counter with pulse output, external contact).
With opening and/or closing solenoid valves, the respective process water will be exchanged and then rejected to the drain pipe (pressure free).
On exceeding of defined threshold value or because of service requirements (hardness sensor maintenance, solenoid valve error, brine excess in softener system outlet) an alarm will be signalised.
Measuring functions and their results are represented by coloured LED. The measuring system calibrates and monitors by itself via the intermittent automatic switching from softened water to raw water.