Bamophox 322


An extension terminal (wall or panel mounting):

– Allows a second measurement parameter (pH, Conductivity, Chlorine, Turbidity, Flow, and 4-20 mA, depending of the model)

– The data from this blind device are displayed on the main device (second line display). A 4 wires shielded cable is necessary to link both devices (maximum length of 500m)

– The options RS422 and the data logger are shared between both BAMOPHOX.



The BAMOPHOX 322 offers high flexibility on use mixing different built-in programmes for regulation, thresholds, temperature compensation, and alarms. The 2 lines back lighted display, 16 alphanumerical characters, gives an easy measurement and temperature reading in any conditions. It also displays the configuration menu and settings of thresholds, analogical outputs, operation data modes, calibration steps.

To allow a quick and easy diagnostic after configuration a simulation program is built-in with direct actuation on contacts outputs, analogical outputs and PID regulation.

A copy of the signal on the 4-20 mA output is galvanic insulated; it can be set up within the all range of the parameter. Temperature measurement is also available on a 4-20 mA output (this output is not available when PID regulation is in use).

Associated probes may have a conductance factor from 0,01 to 10 to get an accurate measurement from 200 Ω up to 200 MΩ or from 2 μS up to 20 mS.