Bamochlor 192 open cell


Those cells are designed for the survey or regulation of Chlorine in swimming pool or chlorination process.

Water and process characteristics for measurement:

– Free of oil and grease.

– Constant pH between 6.5 and 8 pH.

– Constant Temperature with a maximum of 40°C.

– Constant Conductivity.


The reaction cell includes a Cu/Pt pair of electrodes. It delivers an electric current, proportional to the concentration of free active chlorine and then amplified by a transmitter. This basic measurement guarantees a high accuracy and perfect reproducibility.

The electrodes are permanently cleaned with a continuous movement of small glass balls. The sampled water circulation creates the glass balls movement, adjustable with the integrated regulation valve.



  • Principle: electrochemical cell
  • Electrodes: copper/ platinum
  • Range: scalable up to 5 ppm (5 mg/l)
  • Detection: 0,001 ppm
  • Self cleaning action: glass balls
  • Required flow: 35 l/h – integrated valve
  • Pressure inlet: maximum 5 bar
  • Pressure outlet: atmospheric
  • Wetted parts: PVC, PMMA, FPM
  • Process connections: PVC nozzle, diam. 12/14 mm
  • Mass: 1 kg (without fittings)
  • Electric output: cable, 5 wires 0.22 mm2, connector 9283 basic model for free active chlorine monitoring