Bamo TOR


The transmitting toroidal spool generates a magnetic field. This magnetic field creates an electric field in the fluid. The current generated by the second toroidal spool (receiver) is proportional to conductivity.



Two toroidal spools encapsulated in NORYL material (Fig.1). This sensor is a standard version with an integrated temperature sensor for the automatic temperature compensation.



The sensor 3/4”NPT connection is assembled with a TEE (Fig.3). The final assembly on line is done with unions for solvent welding on PVC material, or unions for fusion on PPH and PVDF Tees.



The sensor fits on our immersion electrode holder (Fig.2). The probe length is from 500 to 2000 mm.

Fixing on the tank is done with an adjustable flange (option).

Material flange and probe holder: PVC



The BAMOPHOX TOR types, wall mounting or panel mounting, are the suitable monitors for the inductive probes.

A BAMOPHOX TOR has measuring ranges different from a standard monitor:

a) 0 – 2 mS

b) 0 – 20 mS

c) 0 – 200 mS

d) 0 – 2000 mS

The automatic temperature compensation is done with an integrated Pt 100 Ohm/0°C sensor. From the monitor a temperature signal is available on the 4-20 mA output.

The calibration is done in our laboratory.