Bamo T 500, Bimetal thermometers

Features & Benefits

  • Case diameter: 100, 125 or 150 mm
  • Accuracy: Class 1 (according to EN 13190)
  • Scale ranges: From -70…+30°C up to 0…500°C
  • Ambient temperature: -20…+60°C
  • Stem pressure limit: 25 bar (without thermo-well)


Case and ring
Stainless steel: AISI 304
Bayonet type ring
IP65 – EN 60529 / IEC
Measuring element: Helical bimetal sensor
Dial: White, black marks
Pointer: Black, aluminium alloy
Zero adjustment: On the rear back by screw adjustment
Window: Glass 4 mm thick
Stainless steel: AISI 316
Diam. 6, 6.4 or 8 mm
Standard length between 90 and 600 mm
(Specific lengths on request)
Process Mounting
Stainless steel: AISI 316 L
Lower vertical (A),
centre back vertical (B),
horizontal centre back or
centre back mounting, adjustable angle (180° angle)
Process connection:
With compression gland fitting, male thread ½” G or NPT
Operating temperature:
Continuous: 425°C as a maximum
(Over 425°C preferably use a gas dilatation thermometer)
Over ranging:
Up to 120°C: 100 % F.S.
From 160°C up to 300°C: 50 % F.S.
From 400°C up to 500°C: 510°C
Scale: Celsius


Filling type (supplied dry)

  • Case and stem factory filled with:
    Glycerine (15 to 60°C),
    Silicone oil ( -45 to +250°C)
  • Case and ring AISI 316 L
  • Sekurit glass lens
  • PMMA window
  • Thermo-well

On request: ATEX certified version with thermo-well, ATEX Ex II 2 GD c