Bamo RTM


The continuous level transmitter works with a float (built-in magnet), sliding on a vertical stem. Change to the fluid level causes the float to rise or drop vertically. The magnet actuates mono-stable Reed contacts; they are equipped with resistors, all fixed on an internal ruler. Then, the resistance value varies as the fluid level changes. Depending upon total resistance, the measuring transducer generates a signal proportional to the fluid level as a 4-20 mA or Ohm output signal.

The RTM is adapted to our levelindicator and controllers MAGTOP, SFA, MNR 6 and MNR 7.



The maximal length is 1500 mm; any other longer stem feasibility may be on special study.



  • Switches: Special REED contacts
  • Signal output Resistance: up to 10 kΩ, or current
  • 4-20 mA / 13 to 30 V DC (2 wires transmitter)
  • Internal ruler: Glass-circuit in epoxy resin
  • Length: 250 mm (min) … 1500 mm (max)
  • Resolution: 10 mm measuring step
  • Stem:
  • PVC-U 0…+50 °C
  • PPh 5…+80 °C
  • PVDF 0…+100 °C
  • Stainless steel -10…+110 °C (AISI 316 L / DIN 1.4404)
  • Housing: Plastic PBT, IP 65 // Aluminium



For display panel or wall mounting, please see our documentations number 200+.