Bamo Mempro S6


The controller MEMPRO S6 is convenient for level controls on non-pressurised tank. The 4 switching points are adjustable over all the measuring range.

This type of level transmitter is not affected with contaminated liquids or crystallizing fluids, as long as the stem is not tapped*.


Fluids to control may be:

– Aggressive

– Viscous,

– Dirt, crystallising or sticky.

* the purge air inlet accepts a pressure of up to 2.5 bar in order to flush all dirt on the stem from time to time.


The device MEMPRO BL allows the automation of cleaning (reset of measuring) operations.



The MEMPRO S6 backpressure sensor functions in accordance with the Pitot static principle, i.e. current fill-level is deduced from hydrostatic pressure measured in a tube immersed in the liquid. When the level increases, the fluid rises inside the tube. The pressure of air trapped inside incre ases as well. This pressure corresponds to the height of the water column outside (from the bottom tube end).


Four limit value-switching points can be assigned to the fill-level range via the setup menu.

All switching points feature adjustable delay time, adjustable hysteresis and selectable NC/NO function.


MEMPRO S6 level controllers are suitable for aggressive liquids since the wetted parts are of PVC, PP or

stainless steel for the stem and ceramic for the sensor. With a flexible hose, it is easy to have a remote

electronic head, faraway of aggressive vapours.

Venting connection integrated in the head: as an option, a venting module is connected for out-gassing and

encrusting liquids refreshing; it resets the air column when media temperature changes d uring the