Bamo Maxitop


With its integrated positive safety converter, the MAXITOP is ideal to give an alarm before the overfilling of a tank.

MAXITOP is convenient to use with any electrically conductive, non-flammable liquids; even highly aggressive liquids.



The detector MAXITOP is designed to detect conductive liquids with a reactance up to 5 kOhm and a coupling capacitance towards ground of more than 50 pF.

The liquids may not generate electrical insulating or conductive deposit.


The MAXIMAT has 5 different possible transmissions:

• Low voltage contact output (max. 50 V AC/DC, max. 0.5 A, max. 10 VA)

• Relay output to use with a CST device (data sheet 555-09)

• Relay output to use with a SHR relay (data sheet 555-06)

• Direct connection to a PLC

• Direct connection to an alarming unit TC4 (data sheet 555-07)