Bamo Maximat-VK-C


With its integrated transmitter and connection for diagnostic, the MAXIMAT is ideal to detect the liquid level and to give an alarm before the overfilling of a tank.

Convenient to use with non electrically conductive liquids, oils, emulsified, non-flammable, water endangering liquids (even highly aggressive liquids).

It is a perfect instrument to detect fluid in a double wall tank.

MAXIMAT VKC operates with liquids of specific weight from 0,7 g/cm3



The transmitter MAXIMAT is designed to detect conductive liquids non electrically conductive. The detection results from position of a magnet inside the float and a Reed contact.

The liquids may not generate deposit originating jamming of float.

The MAXIMAT has 3 different outputs, factory built-in:

• Binary output to active optocoupler, numeric input

• Analog 0…20 mA output for any analog input of PLC